I’m going share how to make a filter for the convertible cup face mask, with some modifications to make it kid friendly. I modified the elastic for a child size, and the slots so that we could have a removable filter that’s easy for the kids to get in and out. This way, when they go to school, if they cough or have a runny nose, they can easily take that filter out and replace it as needed. Here are my tips for sewing a convertible cup mask filter with quilted diamond.

I purchased the quilted diamond at Jo-Ann’s. It’s two layers of cotton with a layer of batting in between. It’s pre-made, and beautiful to work with. It sews lovely, and makes a beautiful removable filter. Using my convertible cup face mask pattern for children, I’m going to use my mat and my wheel and make a quick cut. Use what you have around for weight on the fabric, for me I had  a penny jar, and a large candle. It will help make beautiful cuts. I make my pattern templates out of plastic, there’s another video tutorial of how I do that here

Removable Mask Filter

Once you’ve made the cut, we’re at the serger. Yay! We love to serge. I am going in very carefully with my tweezers to get this serge started at a quarter inch. I’m just going to take my time going around the curve. I use my tweezers to make sure that the excess that’s coming off the machine doesn’t go back up in the machine and jam. 

After the serger, using my sewing machine,  I’m going to stitch down that center seam. Start on the sewing machine with the needle down. I’ve got a Microtex needle in the machine. I use a turner/pointer to help me push down that serge seam. Take your time and go slowly. Anytime you’re working with something small, children’s or doll clothes, it always requires patience and a little more time. The smaller the garment, the more difficult it is to sew. I’m pulling to the right and left of that seam, making sure everything’s flat underneath and trimming. This way the filter’s reversible, and creates a beautiful seam. 

To finish it, we’re back at the serger.  I am going to serge at ⅜”of an inch all the way around, cutting off what would be sewn into the bias tape, so that the filter fits right into cup mask. Trim and voilà! The great thing about these is that you can make dozens of them for a dime. They’re so inexpensive and it sews lovely. They wash up beautifully. They’re breathable for wearing a face mask all-day. It’s just the perfect combination. 

I’m also going to make it in a print. The diamond quilting comes in prints. There were so many, I had a hard time deciding which ones I wanted, but I’m working with purple today. I’m going to use tweezers again to make sure that my serger doesn’t back up from the excess being cut off from the blade. I’m going very slow and steady. It’s a little thick and it’s a sharp curve. Instead of going to the sewing machine and stitching down that centerpiece, I’m just going to continue with the serger. I’m going to hack ⅜” of an inch off, trimming straight across. Take that center seam, and press it down with a finger. 

Flip the filter and come in from the other side so that the center seam is being pushed the same direction. Again, trimming off ⅜”of an inch because we want to account for the bias tape part of the mask. We want to make sure that the filter is smaller than the mask, and that it will fit in those filter slots perfectly. If you wanted to, you could add a decorative lace to make it girly. Take the diamond filter in white, and put it in the slots. To remove, give it a quick tug, and it just comes right out. I think that’s pretty kid-friendly!

This is just such a comfortable and functional face mask and it fits well. It’s easy for kids to take on and off by themselves. These are all the dynamics of what you should be looking for when you’re looking to purchase or make a child’s face mask for your children or grandchildren. They have to make it through the entire day, so a fantastic fitting face mask is important! 

I’ve got a bunch of new videos coming up specifically about children’s face masks for back to school, finding the right fit, function, and fashion for your child or your grandchild. I’m so excited to share some of these new patterns with you and prototypes that I’ve tested. Everyone be well. God bless. Keep sewing. It’s good for the soul!

Convertible Cup Mask