I wanted to share my recent inspiration to make an adjustment on children’s face masks for back to school. It regards my convertible cup mask. Recently, we made a modification with elastic, and since I was inspired to make this modification! The idea is to use an ear loop string created out of nylon Lycra spandex – instead of elastic or Velcro ties. This makes it easier to sew in the ties, and more comfortable for the kids. I’m using pony beads and lycra string to make the connection that’s all in one mask, tie connection, and lanyard! 

This makes the mask adjustable with a drawstring closure, and the lanyard keeps the mask on the child’s body, keeping them from losing it. Hurray! You don’t have any sizing issues anymore. This new modification defies children who are running small for their age, or big for their age. If there’s a growth spurt, this kid-friendly adjustable mask will adjust to any size! I’m so excited about this new design – and I was anxious to share it with you!

I took the two ties from both sides, and I made it adjustable using pony beads! I’m mad at myself that I didn’t think of this initially because the whole idea for the convertible cup mask and the Velcro was to make it adjustable front the start! Now when you put the lycra string connection in, it is easier for the kids to put on, and they can adjust it themselves! I’m so excited because this modification is best for the kids! 

The drawstring closure is very soft and comfortable. I asked Kennedy her thoughts on comfort, and her reply, “Yeah, it’s great!” With a quick adjustment in the back, I was able to fit it on her. Children can also wear it high like the traditional convertible cup mask or up over the ears and adjust at their baseline. It’s that makes it versatile, and now you can go either way on it – giving us options! 

I put some beads on the bottom of the two tails to make it decorative and add a little bit of weight to make it drape. I’m so excited to share this with you; It’s a great solution for kids as it becomes a lanyard as well. You can drop it and loosen it, and you don’t have to worry about your kids losing their face mask at school. That’s precisely the point of the lanyards and ear savers! With this hack, all of that is eliminated – ear savers, lanyards, the various types of connections! It’s all in a straightforward design, and you no longer have to make multiple things for just one face mask.

How to modify the ties with Nylon Lycra Spandex for kids 

Cut the spandex or knit with the greater stretch going the length of the ties. Cut the lessor stretch the width. This will make the ties turn in the correct direction when pulled; right sides out. See this video for details

I recommend cutting the ties 15″ long by ¾” wide for each tie; once pulled into a string, it will gain a few inches. This cut should work for all sizes, cut tails to modify the length as needed; kids, it was about 10″ each side. Use pony or other beads to create a drawstring closure in the back center, and you can add pony beads to the end, help to make the string drape well. 

Continue to sew and follow the pattern instructions for the Convertible Cup Face Mask, then before you enclose the mask cup into the bias tape, sew in these two ties, on the left and right – follow the instructions to insert elastic here. 

I’m so happy that this will save you time, money, and energy. That’s what my channel is all about! I was just thrilled when Kennedy put it on, and the lycra drawstring I made worked so well! If you watched the video, you saw as she was modeling how lovely it fits, and she was chatting and never even noticed or touched her mask! The best part about this new design is if it stretches out a little bit from daily wear – you can tighten it with the drawstring closure! I’m so happy to find a solution for you that solves three problems, fit, function, and keeping those masks from being lost during school!  

Be well, keep sewing, it’s good for the soul!