I learned how to sew on an antique singer sewing machine with a treadle foot pedal when I was only eight years old. Soon I was digging through my mother’s sewing scraps to make clothes for my ‘Barbie dolls.’ By the age of 18, I was making my bikinis, and also making them for my sister and our friends. By the age of 22, I opened my sewing factory in Houston, Texas, where we manufactured and sold my line of swimwear. 

‘Sweet Cheeks Swimwear’ grew far beyond my wildest dreams. The patterns, custom textiles and designs grew very popular. Soon I found myself overseeing a factory staff of 20 seamstresses and shipping swimsuits worldwide! Fredrick’s of Hollywood picked up one of my designs, and it soon became the fastest-selling swimsuit in the iconic company’s 50-year history. Supermodel Kathy Ireland sported my bikinis for five years in her infamous swimsuit calendars, always asking for more ‘Sweet Cheeks’ suits the following year. Our brand was the first to recognize that all women have different body types, and we launched  the very first website to offer’ mix and match bikinis’ in 2002! 


Sweet Cheeks Swimwear
Suit by Sweet Cheeks Swimwear

In 2004, after dealing with the crash from the economy caused by 911, I sold my business and moved back to Pennsylvania. For the time I needed a break from the entrepreneur life, so that I could focus was on my family, and being there to support my mother and her needs. It was then I took the job in a drapery factory in Pittsburgh. I wanted to learn how to make window treatments, you’re never too late to learn something new – right?. They now fall under a lifetime of experience sewing just about anything!

Shortly after moving home, I met the love of my life, Billy Takacs, and we’ve been together for 15 years and married for 12! We own an entertainment company, Elite Casino Events. Together, with an incredible team of professional dealers, we’ve created hundreds of memorable experiences for our clients and have assisted in raising hundreds of thousands for charity. Sewing has always been a valuable part of this journey. My love for the craft has helped me create some magnificent costumes for our entertainers, staff, and incredible decor for those parties too!  


Since the pandemic of COVID-19 hit, most of our private and corporate parties have been postponed or canceled. So, I began right away, sewing masks to donate and making my exclusive patterns to save time, money, and energy. At this time, I realized that my sewing hacks from all my years in the factories might help others sew better, faster, and save them time and energy. I decided to bring my tips and exclusive patterns to share with you, and the “Streamline Seamstress” was born.  My goal is to help all of you improve your sewing skills and simplify the process too! 

Handmade Face Masks
Handmade Face Masks