Hello there, and welcome!

My name is Dawn, and I’ve been a designer, pattern maker, and seamstress for more than 40+ years. In the 90’s I owned a sewing factory for 12 years, where we made swimsuits and activewear and shipped them worldwide. I learned from the best seamstresses in the world during my factory years, so many tricks, shortcuts, and hacks! With their help, I designed our textiles and created all of our signature patterns. I sold the business in 2002 to move on to other things, but designing and sewing always have and will always be a fundamental part of who I am. To share a quote from a good friend of mine, Denise. “Need a new, bigger, better mousetrap? Ask Dawn! That’s her expertise.” 

I am currently an event planner, and when COVID-19 hit in March, events all began postponing or canceling. Since there was a shortage of PPE, I started first by making videos to teach others how to make face masks. I believed then if I inspired just one person that it would have been worth the time to make the YouTube video. Little did I know then that those videos would accumulate such a strong following, and that there were so many who needed my help, hacks, and tips. That’s the inspiration behind the ‘Streamline Seamstress,’ and I hope that you enjoy both my patterns and my designs! 


Dawn Takacs